What comes of me, Sam.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Dave Hill-esque Edit : March 2010

Photoshop debut. Too noisy for me, but there's something in this technique i think?

Thursday, 25 February 2010

'To Whom I Give My Heart' : February 2010

Final-piece of a typography project set at London College of Communication.
The most incredible anything i have ever received in the post was a letter from my girlfriend the t'otherside of the world, and i wanted to create a typeface to represent the almost archaic notion of love-letters.

'Intimacy' by Bloc Party : March 2009

I created some album artwork for Bloc Party's most recent LP, prior to its physical release. I tried to explore the theme of a forgotten subtle domestic intimacy, that is so often overlooked as intimacy's lost.

Character for Bovema/UK : March 2008

I was asked by Bovema/UK to;
  • update the existing company logo,
  • create a character to sit alongside the logo, which could be used for Flash animations in the future.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Shakespearean Ghoul : January 2010

The story so far.

Lionel Trilling & The New York Intellectuals : January 2010

Produced a satirical 1950's French cigarette packet - the chosen smokes of Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Satre - and disguised "How To Pose As A New York Intellectual"-tips all about the packet itself.

I wrote 15 different health warnings based upon those issued by the UK Government, often simply replacing the word, 'smoking' with another.

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